Midweek Meal

Wed. Feb. 20th. @ 5pm


Now Serving:  Chicken Stew &                                                    Biscuits


Next Week:  Tacos  

so…what’s community academy about?

Community Academy isn’t just a normal after school program that runs once a week. Our goal is to give you classes, experiences, and relationships that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We have different opportunities depending on what age you are, along with free childcare until they graduate preschool. Keep scrolling to check out to view the sessions and pick one of the options to attend!


The typical Wednesday for preschool to 5th grade children will involve music, acting, and dancing. Depending on their interest they could be singing, learning an instrument, or practicing a skit that will be used in our Wednesday and Sunday services.

6th Grade-Adults

We truly believe that community academy is for all ages, so we’ve got something planned for everyone. All of our sessions aim to experience something new together from one of three areas: Knowledge, Skills, or Fun! We’ll be diving into God’s Word to study the hard questions that people ask about the faith, learn about nutrition and fitness, getting physical with self-defense, board games with the family, baking, sewing, crafting, and gardening, just to name a few.  Check out the Sessions in more detail below!

Spring Sessions (Jan-May)

Session 3 (Jan.16-Feb.16)

Healthy Living by Nutrition Hub

Nutrition Hub will be partnering with us to help teach us how to live better through better eating and fitness. Practical advice will be given each week, along with the ability to discuss and grow together as a group. Check it out in Session 3. 

Love Languages

According to Gary Chapman, people communicate love through 5 ways: giving, serving, quality time, affirmation, and touch. Steven Krueger will be explaining what the five love languages are, help you figure out yours, and how to use it to love your family and friends better than before in Session 3.  


Do you love to craft? Well, you’re in luck as that’s exactly what we’ll be doing in our Crafting Session. Card-making, scrap-booking, and holiday decor is what you’ll be up to with other like-minded crafters.
Total cost for the five weeks is $15 dollars, or $3 per week if you’d prefer! 

Session 4 (Feb.20-Mar.20)


Self Defense

No one on our staff is a self-defense instructor, so we’re bringing in someone from the community to help teach self defense. The classes will focus on discussing mindset, psychology, methodology, strategy, verbiage, breathing, escaping, evading, and full force striking from all 4 ranges: Kicking, Punching, Trapping, and ground fighting. Progressive Tactics in Brownstown will be leading this series of training sessions. Get ready to be physical in Session 4! 

Bible Study

As of right now, this Bible Study’s theme is being discussed on staff. It could be a part 2 of Answers in Genesis, or a completely different topic. If you have anything that you would like to see covered, then please contact Matt Hire via email at mhire@clcflatrock.com. 

Board Games

If you’re bored playing a board game, then you’re clearly not playing with the right group of people. For Session 4, we’ll be bringing in our own board games, along with some from the church, to play together as a church family. Game Time starts in Session 4.

Session 5 (Mar.27-May.8)


New Class Information Coming Soon

Life Hacks

Did you know that Coke is an effective chrome cleaner? Did you know that you can use simple household ingredients to make your own glass cleaner? Well, what about all the simple fixes and tweaks you can do to your car, and even more common like changing a tire? Welcome to Life Hacks with Jeff Ritthaler, where we’ll be learning simple ways to make your life easier every single week.


Gardening is a great hobby that anyone can get into. We’ll be learning about lawn-care, planting, flowers, vegetables, and plenty more. There will be something to learn for the “I’m afraid of killing plants” level of gardener to the advanced. Put on your gloves for Session 5!