Check out the most important upcoming events below, and our whole church calendar is at the bottom of the page!

Cabela’s Raffle

August 2018-January 2019

Help support the Church by buying, or even better, selling tickets for the Gun-A-Day in January 2019 Raffle. Tickets are on sale now for $20, and the prize is in the form of a gift card with a matching value to the gun of the day.
Click here for the list, and contact Matt Hire at or the church office to get involved!

Fall Festival

October 6th

Community’s First Fall Festival will be on October 6th. It will feature live music including a live polka band, our worship team, and Daniel Harrison and the $2 Highway. Come grab some amazing food, delicious deserts, and plenty of Lutheran beverages. Plan to have fun playing some games and possibly winning the biggest prize of the night from Cowchip Bingo…we’ll let you google that one on your own!

Haunted Hayride/The Psycho Path

October 2018

The Psycho Path is our annual Haunted Hayride/Horror Attraction that takes place during October. We are looking for builders, actors, makeup artists, security, and all sorts of volunteers. This year’s theme is: THE END. If you’re interested, or want more information, please contact Matt Hire via email at or by calling the church office.

Donations are Needed-List Below



-Spray Praint

Tiki Items



-Plywood & 2X4’s


-Gas Masks
-Medical Masks
-Army Attire
-Camo Netting
-Cheap Flashlights


-Old Clothing
-Military Gear
-Old Camping supplies
-makeup sponges
-spirit gum
-liquid latex
-fake blood


Others cont.

-hair brushes
-baby powder
-baby wipes