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PRAYER CHAIN – May 3, 2017






May 1

Carol Lezotte

Prayers for complete healing of upper respiratory infection.  Send cards to: 1715 Camelot, Trenton, 48183.


Apr. 30

Norman Cox Jr.

Prayers for guidance for the doctors at UM, comfort and healing.  He is predisposed to blood clots and they are currently extensive.  Sharon Price’s son.


Apr. 25

Sharon Lowe

Prayers for relief from pain and continued healing to stay home.  Prayers for God’s presence, comfort and encouragement. Send cards to: 23036 Whitby, FR 48134.


Apr. 23


Prayers for healing of prostate cancer. Friend of Christel & Jason Garland.


Apr. 23

Brian Lochner

Prayers of Thanks for minimal heart damage, and prayers it heals on its own. He is Jan Hill’s nephew.


Apr. 24

Zachary Watts

Prayers for God’s protection and a safe return, as he’s leaving on Navy ship for Korea.  He is Stephanie Vignola’s nephew.


Apr. 21

Marion Gersch

Prayers for guidance for doctors, comfort and healing. She is in Beaumont with pneumonia, dehydration, and bladder infection, and worsening dementia.


Apr. 14

Pastor Erik

Prayers for good test results, guidance for doctors, and good resolution and recovery of knee pain.


Apr. 9

Sheila Wellman

Prayers for comfort and healing of infection. Send cards to: 37300 S. Huron River Dr., New Boston, 48174.


Apr. 9


Prayers for guidance for doctors, comfort and healing of little boy life-flighted with seizures.  Friends of Sandy Harris.


Apr. 9

Chuck Jones

Prayers for guidance for doctors, comfort and healing of stroke. Send cards to: 15954 Drysdale, Southgate, 48195.


Apr. 9

Deny Ramos

Prayers for comfort and healing of foot and infection.


Apr. 5

John Zayac

Prayers for guidance for the doctors, good test results, and healing for possible return of cancer.


Apr. 5

Family of Larry Robertson

Prayers for the family as Larry passed away. He is Chuck & Linda Jones daughter’s father in-law.


Mar. 29

Myrna & Monique

Prayers that Myrna can be moved to Alzheimers facility and God gives daughter  Monique strength, comfort and peace.  She is Marge Haman’s cousin.


Mar. 28

Family of Elva Knight

Prayers for the Knight, Boik, and Thigpen families as Elva passed away yesterday.


Mar. 27

Emily Moorhaus

Prayers for diagnosis of swelling and good test results. Ken & Lorielle’s daughter.


Mar. 22

Ken Smith

Prayers for successful cancer treatment.  He is Mark Smith’s brother.


Mar. 26

Louise Ticknor

Prayers of thanksgiving as she is doing much better.. She is Kathy Steinerts mom.   


Mar. 26

Jack Rouse

Prayers for successful heart valve surgery today, comfort and healing.  Send cards to:  27135 Oakcrest, Brownstown, 48183.


Mar. 19


Ellen Stafford

Prayers for successful treatment of embolism in lung and proper treatment of kidneys with Canadian health system.  Send cards to: 3567 Woodland  Ave., Windsor, ON  N9E1Z9.


Mar. 19


Prayers for peace dealing with job stress.  Friend of Chris Miller. No Web


Mar. 15

Larry Wheeler

Prayers for the family as he passed away.   Barb Mantecon’s brother in Arizona.


Mar. 13

Elaine Naysmith

Prayer that one more month of chemo works on aggressive cancer cells for healing of the cancer.  Send Cards to: 27743 Winchester Terrace, Trenton 48183.


Mar. 8

Family of Lennis Byers

Prayers for Leona and the family as Len passed away last Sunday. Send cards to: 9069 Greentree, Newport 48166.


Mar. 9

Aunt Harmon

Prayers for comfort and God’s presence. In rehab on oxygen with many health issues. Marge Haman’s aunt.


Mar. 9

Harry Stork

Prayers for comfort and healing of cancer. Uncle Marge Haman.


Mar. 9

Kristi ?

Prayers for comfort and healing from breast cancer surgery. Cousin Marge Haman.


Mar. 9

Carrie Jo

Prayers for comfort and healing of breast cancer, possibly more. Cousin Marge H.


Feb. 21


Prayers for friend who is dabbling in the occult.


Feb. 21

Grief Share Group

Prayers for the 6 people in the group that it will help them on their journey and bring them comfort.


Feb. 15

Alicia R.

Prayers for healing and return of her children.


Feb. 15

Jordan Pollack

Prayers for God’s intervention as he was diagnosed with Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy.  He is the son of Karen Hamlett’s friend.


Feb. 10


Prayers for successful surgery on 2/11. Ken Moorhaus’s friends dad.


Feb. 8

Sandra Hudzinski

Prayers for successful surgeries for back pain. Gerry White’s sister.


Feb. 1

Larry Welsch

Prayers for strength, peace, God’s presence and will. Was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer.  Dennis Duperron’s brother in-law.


Jan. 20

Tom Trombly

Prayers for successful treatment, comfort and healing of stage 4 cancer, he needs a miracle. He is Denise Doede’s neighbor.


Jan. 15

Nancy Kennedy

Prayers for successful chemo for lung cancer. Friend of Jane Feamster.


Jan. 15

Shelley Regan

Prayers for successful surgery, comfort and healing of cancer. Jane Feamster’s daughter.


Nov. 2

Bruce Ptak

Prayers for guidance for doctors, successful treatment and healing. He is TeresaPtak’s (Prince) father in-law recently diagnosed with cancer.


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