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Do not be anxious about anything,
but in everything, by prayer and petition,
with thanksgiving,
present your request to God. 
Philippians 4:6

PRAYER CHAIN – January 24, 2018






Jan 20

Jason Garland

Prayers that meds heal heart valve and clear infection. Belinda’s son.


Jan 20


Prayers for guidance for the doctors, God’s intervention for healing as he was diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer.  HS friend of Liz Gersch.


Jan 17

Mark Smith

Prayers for comfort and healing of hip from surgery and guidance for doctors for knee as is still not working and painful.  Cards to: 7562 Grant Dr., Newport 48166.


Jan 16

Dennis Stuart

Prayers for guidance for the doctors, comfort and healing of possible stroke. He is Helen Gersch’s daughter in-laws dad.


Jan 16

Chris Cassette

Prayers for the family as he passed away yesterday.  He was a Southgate Police Officer, whose wife worked with Helen Gersch at Meijers.


Jan 10 

Joe Johnson

Prayers for healing. Is in Beaumont, Trenton.  Chuck Jones father in-law.


Jan 14

Elna Sims & Family

Prayers for healing for Elna, strength for Bill and God’s protective wisdom for all the family.  Evelyn Lampshire, Elna’s sister. Send cards to: 32002 Prescott, 48174.


Jan 14

Glenn Lockner

Prayers for guidance for doctors to find new treatment, healing and successful chemo. Jan Hill’s brother. Send cards to: 3445 Swartz Rd, LaSalle 48145.


Jan 13

Sharon Sadowski

Prayers for comfort and healing of brain cancer.  Friend of Norma Heisennbuttel.


Jan 12

Doug Resk

Prayers for healing and strength so he can return home from Aberdeen Rehab. Send cards to: 28216 Walnut Creek, 48134.


Jan 12

Stella Sedlick

Prayers for comfort and peace for the family.  Stella passed away Friday. She is  Dennis D. sister in-laws mother.


Jan 11

Frank Matusik

Prayers for good test results from biopsy’s of lungs and lymph. Scott’s dad.


Jan 7

Nicole Garland

Prayers for healing, comfort and peace. She is a teen and had to have her hip removed.  Niece of Belinda Garland.


Jan 2

Sheryl Urbance

Prayers for God’s will and intervention as she is on life support to breathe. Wife of former worker with Dick Haman.


Jan 2

Judy Didata

Prayers for comfort and healing of kidney failure. Friend of Marge Haman.


Dec 17

John Ticknor

Prayers for guidance for the doctors, comfort and healing. He is in ICU with infection, low BP and kidney failure.  He is Kathy Steinert’s brother.


Dec 14

Conner Kashich

Prayers for guidance for the doctors and good test results. He’s been having problems with iron levels and other issues.  Having test at MOTT on 12/18. He is Rachel Price’s nephew (only 5yrs old).


Dec 13

Bob Bushnell

Prayers for patience waiting for bleed to heal itself.  Friends & neighbors of Sarah Sweet’s mom. Send cards to: 9450 NE 94th St, Bondurant IA 50035.


Dec 12

Tom Trombly

Prayers for successful treatment of broken femur as he also has stage 4 cancer and is 70 years old.  He is neighbor and friends of Dave & Denise Doede.


Dec 6

Joanna Reed

Prayers for recovery from cancer & spine surgery, Friend of Rob Berry.


Dec 3

Al Richards

Prayers for back problem and possible problem with his kidneys.  Send cards to: 26334 Iroquois Lane, Flat Rock 48134.


Dec 3

Lynn Luther

Prayers for successful melanoma  treatment which has gone into bones. Friend of Marge Haman.


Dec 4

Nathan Bibee

Prayers for comfort, healing and strength for family.  Nathan is has Down Syndrome and many health issues. He is child of a Preschool family.



Karen Guibord

Prayers for comfort, healing of CHF/COPD and family to accept outcome. Aunt of Claudia Wilds. Send cards to: 32452 Bock, Garden City, 48135


Dec 3

Carrie Swaga

Prayers for successful cancer surgery (UofM) 12/8. Granddaughter Heinz & Norma Heissenbuettel.


Dec 3

Roland AuBuchon

Prayers for continued healing, strength, and continued prayers for Ben and Tara as they care for him. Send cards to: 24865 Huron River Dr., Rockwood, 48173.


Nov 30

Charley Hammos

Prayers for guidance for the doctors, healing and comfort for the family. Born 11/28 send to Children’s with breathing problems. Sharon Price granddaughter.


Nov 12

Fred Reno

Prayers for successful treatment for new diagnosis. Amy Martin’s brother.


Nov. 7

Gertie Collins

Prayers for guidance for the doctors, God’s intervention, comfort and healing. Send cards to: 29460 Tamarack, 48134.


Oct. 25

Barb Mantecon

Prayers for successful radiation and chemo treatments, comfort and healing. Send cards to: 27638 W. Huron River Dr., Flat Rock


Oct. 22

Dawn & Diane Muenchow

Prayers for healing. Mother and sister of Holly. Send cards to: 109 Kossuth, Ligonier, PA 15658 for mom.


Sep 26

Kim Penix

Prayers for God’s guidance, comfort and healing as her heart is failing. She is Darrel’s daughter.


Oct 4

Deny Ramos

Prayers for complete healing of infected foot and able to be off dialysis.  Send cards to: 25345 Gibraltar Rd, Flat Rock.


Sep 24

Nathaniel Burrell

Prayers for strength and healing. He is a teenager battling cancer.


Sep 13

Debbie Kelcheck

Prayers that the cancer treatment is successful. Friend of Jan Rice.


Aug 25

Marion Gersch

Prayers for comfort and healing, and strength for the family as the dementia progresses.  She has been moved to Wellspring in Monroe.


Jul 27


Prayers for comfort and healing. 6mo old with liver cancer. Cousin of Debra Utley


Jul 19

Cliff Mace

Prayers for healing of cancer. Friend of Betty Johnson


Jul 16


Prayers for comfort and healing of cancer.  Janet Putney’s sister in-law.


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