Cultivating a grateful heart is the hope of every parent for their child. It is God’s desire for you and for me too. We will launch this movement toward gratitude Sunday, November 1st in preparation for our National Day of Thanksgiving on November 26th. This movement toward gratitude will include a “dare” to write three things everyday for which you are grateful or thankful for.
Here you will find 2 resources to help you through this series: A Gratitude Journal and an inspiring video to help spur on gratitude in your life for the next 30 days.  Click on the button below for the Journal and watch the video.

Known By Our Gratitude

In this video, Ann Voskamp artfully links the science of gratitude with real life tranformations of hearts, homes, and communities. Please take 10 minutes of your time to watch this video to get you excited about how 30 days of gratitude can change your life and perspective.

Now click on the button below to view the Gratitude Journal and use this for the month of November as you embrace the gratitdue challenge.  Write 3 things you are grateful for each day and follow this journal.