Campaign Headquarters

Spiritual Growth Campaign: “Back in the Box”

As a congregation, we will be going on an 8 week adventure using the book “When the Game is Over it All Goes Back in the Box” by John Ortberg for a Spiritual Growth Campaign. The goals of this campaign will be to unite our church through Prayer, Bible Study, Table Groups, and Worship under the themes presented in Back in the Box. John Ortberg uses the ideas of board games to help us focus on what is important in life. How will we, both as individuals, and as a church, do life differently knowing that when the game of life is over, we can’t take any of it with us?


“Kick off” October 2nd and 6th

Be Prepared by following these simple steps

  1. STEP 1: Get your book!This sermon series and campaign are all focused around a book.  So reading it would be most helpful.  And we have created a couple ways for you to get ahold of it.
    1. Buy with cash at “Campaign Hub” (table near the mailboxes) – We have phyiscal copies available for you to purchase after service at our Spiritual Growth Campaign “Campaign Hub”, a desk by the church mailboxes and between the church and Community Room.  Talk to Matt Hire (email or phone) for more information.
    2. Buy your own copy online – via Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook,, etc… – The book is widely available through Christian Bookstores or any major online book resource.  Here is a link to one on Amazon – LINK
  2. STEP 2: Sign up for a Table GroupDuring our regular Bible Study time, we will be offering a discussion-based study in the Community Room to go over material based on this series and campaign.  Participate in a Table Group on Sunday between services (9:45-10:45) with a light breakfast or Wednesday evening prior to worship (5:45-6:45) with a light supper. This experience is for everyone—9 th grade and up! It all starts on October 2nd & October 6th.  Here is how you can signup:
    1. Sign-up Sheet on the Campaign Hub table – There are signup sheets (by the mailboxes) available to fill out before October 2nd to be a part of a Table Group.  Fill out your name and which day you plan to attend (Wednesday of Sunday).
  3. Attend Worship through October & November (and Invite a friend for this journey) – Each week through this adventure we focus on Chapters of the book for the sermon theme.  Even elements of the service support the Spiritual journey of this series.  So come get the reinforced Spiritual energy you need.
Read the book – available at Community for $5
Hear the sermons – 8 week preaching series (October 2 & 6 – November 20 & 24)
Join a weekly “Table Group” in the Community Room – either 9:45-10:45am on Sunday (with breakfast) or 5:45-6:45pm on Wednesday (with light meal).
Live a life – centered on the promises and hope we have in Jesus

 Volunteers needed to make this Campaign AWESOME!

Table Group Leaders & Hosts Team
Table Groups are a modified version of Small Groups that have been created around the Bible Study/Sunday School Experience.  In order for Table Groups to succeed, we have 2 positions in order to provide the experience for everyone, Table Leaders and Hosts.  Each have  easy and very specific tasks to accomplish:
  • Table Leader
    1. Read the Chapters from the book assigned for the coming week.
    2. Show up 15 minutes early
    3. Open Table Group time with Prayer
    4. Read through the questions provided (and lead discussion)
    5. Close with a blessing.
  • Host
    • Assist with food and drinks and help those who need it.
    • Encourage conversation and help everyone feel welcome to the group.
If you would like to be a part of this team as either a group leader or host, you can sign-up at our Cmapgin Hub table by the church mailboxes or please contact:
They will assist you and train you to complete either task.
Prayer Team
Prayer is an important part of our spiritual life and is essential for blessing any adventure with God’s hand.  Our Prayer Team Coordinator, Ginny Hamlet ( or 734-341-5638) is working on getting as many Prayer Warriors to be praying for all aspects of this campaign.  If you would like to be one that is part of God’s greatest army, please contact Ginny on how to get involved.
If you are a member that believes in prayer and already makes prayer a regular part of your daily family life, you can still be a part of this prayer campaign.  You will prayer cards in your church mailboxes encouraging you to pray for specific things.  We ask that if anything you be a part of praying for God to bless this Spiritual Growth Campaign through October and November.
“Make Your Move Day” Team
“Make Your Move” Day is all about the follow up.  What do you do after this 8-week campaign to take what God has been working in you through this Campaign and apply it to make a difference.  It is all about “come as you are, but not staying that way.”  If you are passionate about helping someone catch a vision of change and making that change a reality, then this is something you should be a part of.
If you would to be a part of this team, contact Rob and Laurie Berry (734-654-3955 or to become part of this team that is all about taking your spiritual life “to the next step.”
Communication & Engagement Team
Are you great about spreading the word, talking to people about what’s going on, helping people know what’s happening?  Then maybe you could help us “get the word out” about this Spiritual Growth Campaign!
If you would like to help with printed or digital communicating of this campaign, please contact Steven Krueger ( or 512-731-2697) about helping design communications.
If you like to talk to people, make calls to your friends to let them know what’s happening, contact Shane Harrison ( or 313-632-6847) about becoming part of the Engagment Team that helps connect with people on an individual level and promote this Spiritual Growth Campaign.
Food Team
Who doesn’t like food and what gets people to be a part of something better than food.  So we knew food was essential for this.  But for food to be done well, we need help.
If you like to cook, bake or help as a food prep person, please contact Jan Hill ( or (734) 558-1603