Community’s COVID-19 Response Update

As of August, 2020, Community began meeting back for in-person worship, moving our public worship to our Life Center (back building) gym to provide the space safety measures required to worship in-person and do so under the proper guidelines.

Worship in Two Ways

 In-Person & Online


In-Person Worship

9:30am in the Life Center

Education Hour


Adults in Life Center; Children & Youth in Church classrooms

We know there are many questions and worry about this, such as: How will this go? Is it safe? Why the Life Center?  How do we know we are being safe with those coming to worship? How do we keep safe while worshipping? Isn’t singing a problem?  Or how do we safely exit when worship is done?  All of these questions are answered with our Reentry Plan.
  • Three Step Entry Plan – We will have a 3-step system for entering into the Life Center for worship. So please make sure you arrive earlier than usual.
      • Temperature Check – We will have designated volunteers who will take your temperatures outside before entering the building.
      • Check-In Tables – You will then go to the check-in tables located outside the doors to check your family into worship.
      • Entry – Once checked in and the temperature is taken, you will be allowed in (mask required inside – checked a check-in table). There will be hand sanitizer stations as you enter the lobby.
  • Masks REQUIRED Indoors – There are no exceptions (except vocalists when singing and pastor when speaking for mic use). If you plan to sing, you plan to wear your mask.
  • Family Group Social Distancing – Family groups, along with volunteers, band, and singers, must keep a 6-foot social distancing rule at all times.
  • Shortened Worship Time – Worship will be shortened, much as we have done for Outdoor services, to minimize contact and singing.
  • Communion will follow the service, much as it has been for all Outdoor services in social-distancing fashion.  Unfortunately, we have no proper way to provide communion for our online worshippers.  If you live near our campus, we do provide In-Car Communion for those who are not able to attend worship in-person.  Please check Community Connections (worship folder) or our News page
  • Exit Plan – Families are invited to depart after service if they wish not to take part in communion.  If you wish to stay for Communion, families are asked to depart the gym as soon as they have received communion.  This way we minimize contact of family groups and congestion through the exits.


Online Worship

9:30am online on our designated Webpage
As we continue to gather back together in person, we recognize that many wish to remain worshipping from the safety of their home.  Because of that, we will continue to offer online worship services each week.

Click here to view CLC Worship Live




During this season of reduced-public gathering, we have to rely on internet communication.  The methods we have decided to use are Facebook ( or or email (using the emails in our database).
If you have not been receiveing emails from us, please contact Mandi Lancina (via email or at 734-782-0563 ext. 306 ) and please provide her with an email we can contact you with.