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Are you ready to take your Next Step and go on a journey to deepen your faith? Joining a ministry or supporting your church by volunteering is a great way to dive in! My time spent volunteering and working alongside members of the congregation has not only improved my relationships at church but also helped me learn new skills to serve our congregation in ways I’ve never imagined I could. Taking a Next Step is so important because it allows us the opportunity to give back to the One who gave it all for us, spreading His word farther, together. “We bring the Gospel to others and lead them to do the same”. Getting involved is the literal mission for our church, so what are you waiting for?

Mandi Lancina

Worship Director

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Caring Support Teams

Helping Hands is Community’s main way of pouring out into our neighborhoods. We serve primarily as a food pantry, but serve additionally to connect Flat Rock residents to services they need along with a few special drives throughout the year including: Christmas presents, Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving turkeys, along with other awesome opportuniites.

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James 5:16 tells us: “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results”  Prayer Chain members will receive emails with prayer requests from our congregation and pray for them. If you are interested in helping with the Prayer Chain please email Mandi Lancina.

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If you are passionate about praying or caring for those in need, please fill out this form.

Worship Support Teams

The Lord’s Supper is a very important part of the worship life at Community – and it only happens because of our Altar Care Committee and Communion Prep Team.  These folks organize, setup and help distribute the elements of Communion – the bread and wine.  If this may be something you would like to get involved with, please contact Pastor Grenz.

This is the person that makes sure everything happens for worship – from the greeters to the ushers to the communion assistants.  If you are someone that likes to help organize and help teams run, please contact Mandi Lancina.

Ushers assist worshippers similar to old fashion ushers at a movie theatre.  They also assist with certain elements in worship, including offering and communion.  If you would like to serve as an Usher, please contact Mandi Lancina for more information.

These volunteers will set up the coffee machines and make sure that the coffee station is ready for use before Bible Study, as well as cleaning it up after late service. To volunteer for Coffee Ministry please email Mandi Lancina.

Our Greeters welcome everyone who comes to worship. To volunteer as a Welcome Greeter please email Mandi Lancina.

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If you would like to serve during the service in any way, please fill out this form or contact Mandi Lancina.

Technical Arts Support Teams

The Camera Operator adjusts the focus and zoom for our live stream audience. This position requires some basic camera knowledge. This volunteer works closely with the Producer or Online Stream Operator via earpiece to ensure a great online viewing experience. If this sounds like something you may be interested in volunteering for, please contact Pastor Grenz.

The Sound Technician / Engineer runs the soundboard in the booth. This person adjusts volume levels for every musician / person on stage throughout the entirety of each service. This volunteer has to keep a close eye on the service outline to make sure they turn up or mute certain things (such as videos) at different times in the service. This position requires close attention to detail and some technical experience. If this sounds like something you may be interested in volunteering for, please contact Pastor Grenz.

The Production Assistant is in charge of controlling the lights and camera switching.  Both our light and camera switchers are located next to each other to the right of the sound board.  Following the flow of the service, the Production Assistant makes any lighting or camera changes necessary for that part of the service.  Production Assistant to show up 30 minutes before service to power on both cameras, light board, and camera switcher (if not already). If this sounds like something you may be interested in volunteering for, please contact Pastor Grenz.

The Computer Operator works on our Slides Computer up in the sound booth. They control whatever is being shown on the projector for the congregation. This volunteer switches through all lyric slides and videos for service. Must pay close attention to the service outline and music as they control the lyrics for the congregation. This position requires some musical knowledge, decent computer skills, and good timing. They also control the pre service music. If this sounds like something you may be interested in volunteering for, please contact Pastor Grenz.

The Producer is knowledgeable of all equipment and positions, and directs each technical element within the service, giving instruction as needed. They are always looking forward to what is happening next and who needs to do what.  They are essentially the managers of the booth.  The Producer will take attendance of those present serving in the booth and band using the PCO Outline (printed on last page).  Producer is quality control, listening to the audio through the audio interface using headphones and viewing the Vimeo livestream output to make sure the stream is working properly.  If someone does not show up, the Producer is ready to step and cover what is needed.

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Creative & Worship Arts Support Teams

Creativity is important to the worship life at Community, and we seek to include it in various forms, from music to set design to writing.  We use our own writing from the liturgical elements in each service (such as Confession and Creeds) to writing skits and monologues to support the theme of a service.  If you like to write creatively, please contact Pastor Grenz for more information.

Song Leaders are those who sing in our Worship Team during worship, by singing both melody and parts.  If you feel passionate and gifted to sing, please contact Pastor Grenz for more information.  

Each Worship service at Community contains musical instruments from acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards, and more.  All to lead our people in creative and exciting praising of God.  If you have gifts and experience playing these various instruments and would like to see about getting involved, please contact Pastor Grenz for more information.

Perhaps you have musical abilities and passion that do not fit into our Worship Band or Song Leader settings.  If so, and if you would like to display your musical gifts in a special way as an offering to God, please contact Pastor Grenz for more information.

During Celebratory seasons, such as Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Holy week, we sometimes call upon individuals to join a formal choir.  Since our services are modern with a full band, these choirs are often complementary to our worship team.  If you have any experience singing in a 4-part choir, please contact Pastor Grenz for more information.  

Occasionally we need volunteers who are experienced in photography to take photos of events and gatherings to use on our website, communications, and social media accounts. If you are a pro or interested in learning about photography to volunteer with us please reach out to Jessica Musser.

At times we have redesigned the stage for skits, special musical pieces, special services, or even to display objects to fit the theme of a service or sermon series.  If you are interested in building or even the creativity of set or stage design, please contact Pastor Grenz for more information.

On occasion we desire actors, writers, and directors for skits, plays, monologues and more to enhance the creative elements of our worship services.  If you are interested in participating , please contact Pastor Grenz for more information.

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Facilities Support Teams

During your assigned week you will check all of the doors and windows to make sure they are locked.

If you are interested in serving on the building security team, please reach out to Rick Gailey

Like our Landscaping and Grounds Ministry, we take care of the inside of our facilities. Some examples of duties are:

  • Change light bulbs
  • Unclog drains
  • HVAC repairs
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Clean gutters

If you would be interested in serving our church in this way, please email Jeff Westrick

There are many duties outside of the campus that we need volunteers for. Some examples of things we do are:

  • Pick up litter
  • Clean up after events
  • Pull weeds
  • Trim trees
  • Cold patch potholes
  • Stripe parking lot
  • Christmas Lights

If you are interested in serving please email Jeff Westrick