Pastor Scott – Make Your Move Letter

“And God is able to make all grace abound to you,
so that in all things at all times, having all that you need,
you will abound in every good work.”

2 Corinthians 9:8


Dear Members and Friends,

God is on the move at Community!

Our generous God is in the process of transforming us by His grace to be increasingly generous, like Him.  He supplies all that is needed so that “you will abound in every good work.”  In other words, God is in the business of softening our hearts to be aware of the needs of others and enlarging our hearts, so we have the capacity to meet those needs.  So…

What “Move” do you sense God is encouraging you to take? 

Wednesday and Sunday, November 20 and 24 is “Make Your Move” Week at Community.  Everyone will be able to complete their own private “Make Your Move Card.”  This is your opportunity to write down your very own Moves for “Feeding Your Faith” and “Showing Jesus’ Love.

You will complete your card at the end of the sermon and then bring it to the special cross in front of the altar, asking God to help you Make Your Move that you wrote for yourself.  Children can also “draw” their “moves” in their very own Make Your Move card too!  Then in February 2020, your Card will be returned to you for your encouragement and reflection.

Side Two of this letter includes thought starters from the Make Your Move Team who have been working with me on this spiritual growth emphasis.   These are sample “moves” that you and yours can reflect on as you prepare to write your very own personal moves in your own “Make Your Move Card.”

As a team we encourage everyone at Community to prayerfully consider Your Move.

What would it be like if our homes were marked by actively Feeding Faith through increased Prayer, Bible Reading and Thanking God in our homes? 

What would it be like if we each experienced the joy of Showing Jesus’s Love through increased Serving, Giving and Sharing Jesus together with our family and church family?
Thank you for prayerfully reviewing these thought starters and making worship this week a high priority as together we seek to encourage one another to Make Your Move as children of the heavenly Father in a lifelong journey of growing in Feeding Our Faith and Showing Jesus’ Love!


See you in Worship this Week!!        

Pastor Scott

 Interim Pastor







 “Thought Starters” for Your Consideration

            As you prayerfully consider Making Your Move as God encourages you to Feed Your Faith and Show Jesus’ Love—here are some ideas that may inspire you.  These ideas come from Pastor Scott and the Make Your Move Team composed of Rob and Laurie Berry, Sandy Harris, Bob and Nancy Almaguer, Rebecca and Michael Focht. 

The Make Your Move Card you receive in worship on November 20 or 24 will include these thought starters.  Since this is a very personal experience, you will be able to write your very own personal Moves in the card too.  It is our hope that these thought starters inspire you and yours.


  1. Make a Move to “Feed Your Faith”

Thanking God / Worshiping Together

            ____ I will Thank God for His blessings daily, even if it has been a “hard” day.

            ____ I will write three things I am thankful for every day and share with my family.

            ____ I will faithfully attend worship services with other Jesus Followers.

Praying for Others

____ I will pray for my enemies and practice forgiveness & compassion with others.

          ____ I will pray for 5 minutes every day.

____ I will pray for a different person every day.



Reading the Bible/ Studying the Bible Together

         ____ I will read my Bible privately or with others at least ____ times a week.

         ____ I will join a Bible study group

         ____ I will add a Bible app to my phone so I can read one verse while I wait each day.



  1. Make a Move to “Show Jesus’ love”
Serving Joyfully

        ____ I will try a new way to serve others based on my unique experiences and interests.

        ____ I will look for a need and meet it.

        ____ I will strive to see family members and those I meet as Jesus sees them.



Sharing Jesus

____ I will let others see Jesus in me and give an answer for my hope in Jesus.

____ I will invite someone to a CLC event or worship.

____ I will listen to the needs of others so I can carefully share Jesus.



Giving Generously

          ____ I will resist a favorite beverage or snack—and give the savings to God’s work.

          ____ I will increase my giving…by giving more regularly or giving more as God leads me.

          ____ I will strive to be content and more generous.


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