Pastor Scott’s Blog – Intro to Gospel DNA & Epiphany

Greetings Friends,
Sunday, January 5 we will kick off the next season of the church year—Epiphany.
Do you know what Epiphany is all about?
Epiphany comes from the greek work epiphanus which means to “reveal” or to “make known”.  During the season of Epiphany our worship bible readings reveal Jesus’ mission to save all people.  Jesus also reveals His power and wisdom through miracles and teachings. And we come to know Jesus as true man and true God.
The Epiphany season of the church year starts with the Wise Men from the East (January 6) and concludes with the Transfiguration of Jesus (this year on February 23).   
This Epiphany we will focus on the wisdom of Jesus and the power of the Gospel through the new book Gospel DNA:  Five Markers of a Flourishing Church.  It will be the basis for the Sunday morning Bible study and the Preach Series starting on January 5.
These Five DNA Markers are the result of God’s gracious work through His Word and Spirit and were seen in bold ways in the first 100 years of the Missouri Synod.  Did you know your church body was starting 1 new congregation every week during its first 100 years? Could there be such a dynamic and expansive spread of the Gospel in North America…in Flat
Let’s examine the life of Jesus, the book of Acts and the early history of the LCMS through the missionary eyes of author Michael Newman (a seminary classmate) who has discovered that flourishing churches are known by five distinct “markers”:

Love for People   

May God reveal Himself and His mission to Us this Epiphany and make these “markers” more and more real at Community in 2020!
Pastor Scott
P.S. If you want to “go deeper” –consider ordering your own copy of this insightful book that will be the basis for our preaching series and Bible study for January and February 2020.  
P.S.S. Together we surpassed the December Christmas Giving Goal of $51,500 by over $1,500!! Way to go Community! Let’s rejoice in the abundance of God’s gifts and the generosity of His people!!

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