Pastor Scott’s Blog – Parables for Lent: Receive the Treasure

The kingdom of heaven is like
hidden in a field,
which a man found and covered up.
Then in his joy he goes and
sells all that he has and
buys that field.
                              Matthew 13:44

This Lent we are listening to Jesus’ parables in light of his Passion. This Sunday we are going to explore the parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Priceless Pearl found in Matthew 13:44-46.
Jesus’ parables are often very easy to interpret. Sometimes its as easy as “A is like B,” a comparison is made between a spiritual truth and an everyday story or event. At other times Jesus simply tells us what the story means. We like it when the meaning of the parable is straightforward and simple.
Many times though, interpreting one of Jesus’ parables can be challenging because the meaning is not all that clear. So people may walk away with different interpretations, perhaps complementary but not exactly the same. Someone might say, though, “Well, which is it? They can’t both be right.” Actually, they may both be right if Jesus has given the listeners the freedom to bring their unique perspective to one of His stories.
As we explore the parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Priceless Pearl you might be surprised and deeply blessed to uncover their meanings—intended by Jesus—for you and yours.
See you in worship this weekend!!
Pastor Scott
Interim Pastor

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