Pastor Scott’s Weekly Blog – (FAITH5) Pray & Talk + Holy Manners Invite

Greetings Jesus Followers,
It’s time for the big reveal. Drum roll please. The Verse of the Week is…

“Pray without ceasing”
1 Thessalonians 5:17

If you are wondering about topics for prayer you could use my favorite acronym: P-R-A-Y.

Praise God for Who He is and What He has done.
Repent of your sin against God and your neighbor
Ask God to meet the needs of others and yourself
Yield to the answers that God gives

Perhaps this list of prayer topics is why St. Paul was confident that prayer could happen with
such frequency that it would be like we never stopped praying.
When do you pray?
Why do you pray?
Who do you pray for? Or pray with?
These are great questions for adults and older students to reflect on and to share with one
another today and in the coming week as you practice the TALK and PRAY steps of FAITH 5:
One more thing about prayer–Do you recall what Jesus said about difficult people and prayer? Jesus said, “But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Matthew 5:44) If that is how we are to treat difficult people—then prayer for family, friends and fellow Jesus followers sure makes a lot of sense too.
Want more encouragement for prayer? Come to Worship and Education Time this weekend—prayer is our theme as we continue to introduce and encourage FAITH 5. If you want to join the Faith 5 Experience check out the information and videos at
See you at Community!!
Pastor Scott
P.S. Now is the time to register online to participate in a 2-Part Workshop for Community Leaders and Members. Some leaders have received a personal invite—we need you. All members are welcome to participate. Registration deadline is Monday, noon September 16 and attendance maximum is 50. Thank you for joining in this next step in the Intentional Interim Process. See Description below and sign up through this online link (click here).
Part 1: “Healthy Relationships start with Knowing Your Colors”
Date: Monday, September 23 in the Community Room
Time: 6:30-9:00
Do you know your Colors? That is, do you know your “go-to” behavioral styles and your ways of making sense of the world—which also impact the ways you tend to speak and interact with others? Other’s already know how you tend to lead and interact with those around you—why not know that about yourself too? This also helps God’s people serve together at home, work, and the church as healthy teams. Fortunately, this experience combines humor with keen insight so all stay safe in the midst of growing self-awareness and insights on how you can best foster and exemplify healthy relationships with everyone God’s brings along your path. For more information, you can visit
Part 2: “Creating Holy Manners for Community Ministries
Date: Monday, September 30 in the Community Room
Time: 6:30-9:00
This interactive experience including all elected leaders and staff and those interested in the health and future of Community will feature the whole Community Team working together to create the first draft of “Holy Manners for Community Ministries”. It all comes together in Part 2!

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