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This is my third weekly blog. Thanks for tuning in. The goal is to have it posted and ready for

you to read and review to get a “sneak peek” of the worship theme for the week prior to the

Wednesday Worship Service. There is also a good chance you’ll find a “quickie update” on all things

related to getting started with the Intentional Interim Ministry process at Community in these blogs.

Enjoy this word from the Word…


…that their hearts may be encouraged,

being knit together in love,

to reach all the riches of full assurance of understanding and

the knowledge of God’s mystery,

which is Christ,

in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

Colossians 2:2-3


Being an Encourager

Who is the most encouraging person you know? Can you name a person who has been

instrumental in your life as an “encourager”? Who comes to mind from your past–a teacher, coach,

youth leader or family member? How did they encourage you? Now turn your attention to today.

Who comes to mind as an “encourager” today? How is this person encouraging you? How does it feel

to know there are people in your life who are committed to being your encourager?


This section of Colossians starts with Paul declaring his intent to be an encourager. He wants

the saints in Colossae and us as his readers to be encouraged. Encouraging others is important to him as

a leader in the church. To encourage someone is to help them have courage when they need it. To

have the courage to trust God in the midst of changes and challenges. When do you need courage? When

trying a new thing or trying again in an area of life that brings frustration because it is a place where

learning is needed but seems slow in coming? During this season of change at Community we are

looking to God. Asking him to give us courage. And to help each of us be leaders in the area of

encouragement. Who has God placed around you—someone you can encourage today?


Isn’t it interesting that encouragement has a companion in Paul’s writing about the Christian

life? He describes the following companion to encouragement—that they may be “knit together in

love.” It seems like Paul is encouraging us to be close to one another and to practice caring for one

another and counting on one another. How does this happen in your home and at Community?

Later in this section of Colossians Paul will describe the Christian life as being “rooted” in Christ.

What a comfort to know that God is our constant and ultimate source of courage and encouragement as

well as the source of love we draw on as we seek to become a community “knit together in love.”

Reading the Bible and weekly worship reconnectsus to the “source” of every good gift—and strengthen

our roots in Christ.


Some are asking “what can I do during this season of transition?” I suggest that Paul gives each

of us a holy and beautiful calling—continue to be “rooted” in Christ so you can also encourage one

another and come close to one another being knit together in love.

May God work this good work in each of us and through each of us toward others.


See you in worship!!

Pastor Scott


P.S. Please pray for God to grant the staff and I wisdom as we set the ministry schedule for the coming

program year. We want God’s wisdom so we can “see and discover” great ways to encourage the

friends of God who are counting on Community so that each one can know and rely on the love God has

for us. (1 John 4:16) Thank you!

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