Pastor Scott’s Weekly Blog – Three Ways to Keep Score

 “Having loved His own who were in the world,

He now showed them the full extent of his love.”

John 13: 1b

As we think further about how games are played, we note that keeping score defines our reality.  It tells us who is ahead and who is behind. It separates winners from losers. For some, the final score is all that matters. How you get there is just a means to the end.

In life, however, the scores we keep are not always the right ones, or the most helpful. Without even realizing that it is happening, we tend to adopt the scoring system of the world around us (think: workplace, entertainment, family & friends).

This scoring system, in turn, comes to shape our behavior and identity, oftentimes in ways that are contrary to the revealed will of God.

Jesus Christ introduces a new (although in a sense it is old…) scoring system, one that seems odd at first but which, in the end, is the only scoring system that leads to ultimate victory and life. Centered on humility and grounded in service, Jesus’ scoring system turns weakness into strength and (apparent) losers into (true) winners!

Want to hear more—join us for week 2 of the Spiritual Growth Campaign as we take a closer look at “Three Ways to Keep Score.”  The same good topic on two convenient days.


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Can’t wait to see you there!!

Pastor Scott

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