Pastor Scott’s Weekly Blog – United In Christ

“…put off the old self
with its practices, and
…put on the new self,
which is being renewed in knowledge
after the image of its creator.
Colossians 3:9-10
What Divides Us?
What divides us?  What divides us from one another in the same family the same congregation, the same state and nation?  It seems that being divided is almost like our national past time these days.  
Sin divides us.  Sin makes me think only of myself and my self-interest. We might call in “Living Pointed IN” (make a fist, showing fingers curled in toward self). But as a church faith community we have a powerful force at work to heal what divides and make us United. 

What Unites Us?

What has the power to restore unity in the midst of all that can and wants to divide us?  What can be that strong?? 
The Love of God.  The Love of God that we all need.  In Christ we see one who was always “Living Pointed OUT “, that is NOT wrapped up with self-interest but is fully pleasing God and loving neighbor. Living Pointed Out–is demonstrated with fingers pointing out–with hand open–to receive grace and love from God with fingers pointing out–with hand open–toward our neighbor.  
The cross of Christ leads us to see and know and trust the love of God shown in the death of the Servant/Christ.  And we are reminded that we ALL like sheep go astray. And we are ALL redeemed and UNITED in our need for CHIRST and our love for CHRIST. 
What can you do to Live UNITED and not give in to what the Evil one might use to Divide us in our home, our church, our neighborhood?  We will keep answering that question this week. And also next week when we focus on Life Together in Christ.
Blessings on your worship!!
Pastor Scott


P.S. Thanks for your travel prayers as my travel buddy and I head home Friday August 9 at 3:45 Detroit
time and arrive Saturday at 2:30 pm. And thank you for your prayers for those receiving this training
that they will be edified, and that God will continue to bless our teaching and learning together! Lord
willing, see you Sunday in worship!

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