Pastor Scott’s Weekly Blog: Vocations – In Christ

“Whatever you do, in word or deed,

do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus,

giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

Col 3:17


Vocations—In Christ


“Whatever you do, in word or deed…” this sounds important and grand, worthy of our attention and focus. Paul writes these words then goes on to describe the key relationships for life—those that relate to life at home and at work.

These key relationships for life are also called “vocations.” Your vocations can be thought of as “holy callings” God has given to you. Each of us began life with the vocation of either “son” or “daughter.” If you are married, then you have the vocation of “husband” or “wife.” Maybe God has blessed you with siblings—so you also have the vocation, holy calling, of being “brother” or “sister.” In the workplace, you may be “employer” or “employee.” These too are holy callings given by God.
Consider the vocations, holy callings, you have from God. Make a mental list of them. Now turn to Colossians 3:12-4:1 and read the insights and directions God gives to you for each vocation. These will be the focus of our time in worship this week.
Apostle Paul is reminding us that “Whatever we do”—it can “all” be done in thanks to God the Father and in light of our trusting relationship with Jesus.
One of life’s great challenges is prioritizing and balancing our many and varied vocations. It can be hard to be a good “employee”, “parent or grandparent”, “church member” and “good neighbor” all in the same day.
A child of God might well ask, “Does God give us wisdom and guidance in his Word on how to keep these priorities straight?” That is a worthy question with a great answer.
Let’s check that out this week in worship!!

In Christ,

Pastor Scott


P.S. Many thanks for the prayers and encouragement you’ve shared with me regarding my Teaching Trip to Ethiopia. It was great to share my Ethiopia Report this past Sunday with the Sunday Bible Study Group.

I’d like to offer it again so others could hear the story of God at work around the world.
Here is an idea—what about 6:00-6:45 on Wednesday, September 11—prior to worship time?
If you’d like to hear my Ethiopia Report on September 11—please let me know. Thanks.

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