Pastor’s Blog – Parables for Lent: Receive God’s Word//Sunday Bible Update

As for what was sown on good soil,
this is the one who hears the Word
            and understands it.

He indeed bears fruit and yields,      
in one case a hundredfold,
          in another sixty, and 
              in another thirty”
                                Matthew 13:23

We are now in the Season of Lent. This powerful season of the church year vividly displays the love of God for you and for all people everywhere. This season shows us the Source of our hope. God for us. God and His love for us then transform and inspire us to live our lives for Him and for the life of the world.
This weekend we will begin our new preaching series “Parables of Lent.” Each weekend we will look at another parable in light of what we receive as “gift” through the crucified Christ. If all goes well, we will not only study and examine each gift—but actually receive it with all of it’s blessings.
This weekend the gift is “the Word” of God, Jesus the Savior and the Bible. What would it look like if we received this gift? What blessings does God intend for you and yours through this gift?
The parable of the Sower and his generous distribution of seed over path, rocks, thorny ground and good soil gives us some clues about the wonder gift of the Word—for you.
See you this weekend!!
Pastor Scott
Interim Pastor

Ethiopia Update: Home-Centered Discipleship
9:45-10:45 Community Room

Matt Hire and I will be sharing possible “culture shifting” bible teaching this Sunday and I amhoping all leaders, staff and members will be able to attend. Please also note that we will start at 9:45 (so we can get a whole hour and include all your questions). This is the Ethiopia Update that links into “Home-Centered Discipleship”. This concept is impacting Ethiopia. We are wondering if it might “fit” Community too. Thanks for making Bible Class this Sunday a priority!!

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