Why We Exist


Community exists to provide a home and a family to all who are looking for hope – a place where all may “Come as you are… But don’t stay that way.”


We are a church that makes disciples who make disciples by:
Designing worship services that present the timeless Truth of God with a modern sound.
Teaching the faith in ways that make it easy to understand and apply to our lives.
Serving in ministries that will reach people with the love of Christ by meeting their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.


A Church is not a building or a location – it is the family of God, living and loving and serving together as a response to everything He has done for us.

We’re not here because we have it all together – we’re here because we recognize that we don’t, and we need Jesus!

Jesus met people where they were at – He didn’t ask them to talk, dress or behave in a certain way in order for them to belong – He simply loved them.

But then – they were changed! Nobody encountered Jesus and left the same as the way they were before. Everyone came as they were… but nobody stayed that way!

That’s because nobody is beyond God’s love. Nobody. That means the ceiling won’t fall in if you walk through the doors. It also means that Jesus died on the cross for you. Your sins are forgiven! And don’t think you’re beyond help, either. God has a history of pursuing the unlikeliest of people: the outcasts, the weirdos, the broken, and yes, even the self-righteous, “normal” people who sometimes forget that they need Him, too.

When you come here, you are welcome – just as you are. But don’t expect to stay the same. Because here, you will encounter Jesus. The free, unconditional, no-strings-attached-and-we-really-mean-it good news of God’s forgiveness in Jesus. And once you hear – once you believe – once your eyes are opened to what it means to have a new identity as a baptized and forgiven child of God – you can’t help but be changed.
So come on in – and come as you are… but don’t stay that way!