Voter’s Meeting & Congregational Survey

Voter’s Meeting: Sunday, Dec 8 (9:45-10:45)

Congregation Survey: This Sunday (8:30 and 11:00) and Wednesday (7:00)

You can make a difference by completing your Michigan District Congregational Survey during worship this Sunday or Wednesday. This is a 4-page survey to be filled out by everyone 12 years old and older to help give input to the Michigan District and our own Transition Task Force as they move forward in getting us set up for the future. We need your input and participation. Tell your friends!
If you are not able to attend worship on Sunday, December 8 or Wednesday, December 11, copies of the survey will be available at the Church Office. All surveys must be filled out and turned in during worship or to the Church Office by December 22nd.
Don’t miss this important update. The Voter’s Meeting on Sunday, December 8th at 9:45 a.m. in the
church in response to the request for increased communication and transparency regarding the finances and direction of Community. We have three financial topics to share with you: One, Treasurer, Jasen Steinert CPA will present a Treasurer’s Report updating the congregation on the finances year to date (January-November 2019).  Two, the timeline and process for setting the 2020 Budget will be discussed in detail.  Three, how to End the Year in a positive cash position will also be shared under the topic “Finishing Strong 2019.”
The meeting will also share ministry updates like plans for a “Community-Style” 40th Anniversary Reunion in early February.

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