Colored Card Initiative

Where’s your white card? Does everybody remember what it is all about? The white card initiative is a way for all of us at Community to reach out to our friends and loved ones who do not go to church.  Just write the name of someone you care about who you know does not go to church.Then put the card somewhere you will see it often and can be reminded to pray for those people and also for yourself for a willingness to reach out to them and talk to them about faith and life. Engage with them, by phone, by email, a coffee date, however you feel comfortable. And keep doing so.Continue to pray for them, and for yourself, but also for an opportunity to invite them to church, especially as we get near the Christmas season. Then please invite them to join us to celebrate Jesus and his birth.

In the same vein,  where is your colored card?Using much the same process as the white card, we want to reach out to those who are not yet back in our fellowship here at community. On your colored card, you’re going to write the name of someone you haven’t seen for a while here at Community and then reach out to them to simply check in. Ask them, haven’t seen you for a while, how are you doing? Along the way, invite them to come back to church, even if it takes until Christmas, when we will invite them to come home for Christmas at Community.If you need cards they are available at both entrances to the sanctuary.May God bless us as we reach out in this way.

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