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Originally from Denver, Colorado, where I attended St. John’s Lutheran church and school and went to Denver Lutheran High School, home of the Lights. I then attended Concordia University in River Forest, Illinois where I met my wife, Mendy, on the first weekend of our freshman year.  I played baseball at CURF, and majored in Secondary Education with a specialization in US history and minored in Theology, mostly because Lutheran teacher certification required several theology courses and with two extra, viola! Mendy and I are blessed with four children; Gideon, 16, Amelia, we call her Mia, 14, Nathanael, 12 and Micah 10. We have a rescue dog Lexi, a Schnauzer/Yorkie mix who rules our house with a furry fist. We love superhero movies, basketball, baseball and now bowling, thanks RHS bowling team.  I personally love remodeling and working around the house, riding my lawn tractor for 2 to 3 hours to mow the lawn, fires both in the fire pit out back during the summer and in the fireplace inside during the winter.
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I was born and raised in rural small town Ohio were I attended and graduated from the University of Toledo. Shortly after college, my husband and I relocated to this state and have spent the past 20 plus years raising our two daughters.  In my spare time I enjoy boating, watching my girls play softball, and playing a hand of poker or two with my friends.  

Mandi has been a member of Community since she was 9 years-old. Even though she lived in Kentucky for a few years, Community has always been home. She has always been involved in the Music and Children’s Ministries in some way. She is married to her husband Randy and is the mother of two rowdy boys and one fancy girl. In her spare time–when she finds some–she loves to sit down with a glass of sweet tea and a good book, tries her hand at sewing,, watches The Office with her husband, and plays with her kids.
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