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New Camera Story

A few months ago, our Technical Arts Director, Steven Krueger along with our Technical Arts Coordinator, Jacob Matzkows, looked at how we can make our Online Live Stream experience better – because here at Community we always seek to do things to the highest level we can.  One thing they noticed was that many churches had different camera angles that helped to give the online audience a feel of being in-person. They asked themselves, “How do we get more cameras and how would that work”. Well, it was certainly not in the budget to buy more cameras. So they wondered whether we needed to keep our fancy, big high-end camera or could we trade it in for more than one camera. They took the next couple of weeks doing research to see what cameras would work, how much we could sell or trade our old camera for, and so on. What they found was that we could get two cameras that were ultimately better than the one we had for less than what we could sell our old camera setup for, amazing right? Ultimately they saved our church several hundred dollars and got more than what we had previously.

“Through this process we realized we could do more with less and give us something that will help us into the future. The two cameras we have now are smaller and easier to use for video projects.  They are the same so we can interchange equipment.  They are easier to use for us to train camera operators to use.  All of these things showed us how to do things differently into the future as we adapt to an ever-changing-world”. -Steven Krueger

It also shows the ingenuity of our staff to make something better in a creative and cost-effective way.  Our staff is constantly trying to make the best out of the situation we are in, hats off to them!  We care about our ministry here at CLC enough to make things work, even when it seems impossible.  Also big thanks to Jim Engelbert, President of the Congregation, for helping us seek to make this happen. If you have any suggestions on how to improve our ministries, we would love to hear them! Head over to our contact page and drop us a line.

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