Ephesians: Summer Series Part 2

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Remember when you were little playing in the backyard in the sprinkler, and you’d run into the house to get a juice box or cookie and your mother would shoo you out of the house saying you’re getting water everywhere? You’d think to yourself, “of course we are, we’re running through the sprinkler”! Now, remember when your parents finally took you to the water park and you were standing there in line to go down that Mammoth slide just one more time. Everyone everywhere, soaking wet, and nobody caring at all that “you’re getting water everywhere?”

What’s the difference? The shared experience.

Mom never once ran through the sprinkler, but the kid holding a tube on the stairs next to you shared your excitement and desire, all while dripping wet just like you.

So it is in the church, we are all dripping wet. Not from a sprinkler or water slide, but from the baptismal font. That shared experience of baptism is what unites the church on Earth. This is what the letter of Ephesians teaches us.   Come and explore the unity the church has because of baptism as we delve deep into the words of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

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