It’s A God Thing

Copy of its a God thing

The Steinerts are one of my families I pray for.  

Sunday, March 7th I walked up to Kathy to see how she and her family were doing.  I wanted to know how Tyler was doing in the service.  We talked about Trevor and how he graduated with his teaching degree and was looking for a job.  I work in the Gibraltar Board Office and suggested he talk to the principal at Carlson or Shumate to see if he could become a building sub.  Building subs are guaranteed a sub position everyday at a higher rate.  She said she would mention it to him. I prayed for the family and for Trevor to get this position. The very next day, the 8th, I go into work to see an email from the superintendent’s office saying they were adding Trevor Lukasik to Carlson’s building sub list. I quickly text Kathy to say how excited I was to hear this.  She asked if I called either of the schools, I told her no.  I asked if Trevor called them, she said no. She wondered how this happened and I said, GOD!

Here is how the texts went the morning of the 8th:

Me:  I was so excited I got the email that they hired Trevor as a building sub at Carlson!

Kathy:  Yes! He’s super excited! Did you send his name over?  Thank you so much!

Me:  No, he must have contacted someone there at Carlson.  I wish I could take the credit lol

Kathy:  Oh wow!  He didn’t, that’s crazy.  I wonder who it was.  He said they called his phone right from Carlson and asked him if he was interested.

Me: God!

Kathy: AMEN! God is good!

Me: Yes He is!

-Pam Kruso

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