Summer Party Pails


School’s out for Summer!

Winter has become a distant memory with hot weather, sandy beaches, and grilling with cold drinks taking its place. Although the students may be on vacation for a few short months, our fun as neighborhood missionaries gets to accelerate!

Summer Party pails are a quick and easy way to share Jesus with doing the things you already want to do. You’ll grab a bucket with some outdoor picnic gear and a $50 gift card for food. What’s the catch? 1. Invite some of your neighbors (work/school/home neighborhood etc.), hang out with them, and grow relationships with them. 2. Write a brief report on how it went and include some tips on what you would have done differently. (Take some pictures if you can!) 3. Bring the bucket back when you’re done. That’s it!

You’re one step closer to being in a place where you can pray for them in and invite them to church! If you want to know more about this strategy, check out the devotion about Neighboring Season in the newsletter.

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