Helping Hands

Helping Hands is Community’s main way of pouring out into our neighborhoods. We serve primarily as a food pantry, but serve additionally to connect Flat Rock residents to services they need along with a few special drives throughout the year including: Christmas presents, Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving turkeys, along with other awesome opportuniites.

Hours of Operation

Helping Hands is open every Wednesday from 9:00am to 1:00pm and is only available to Flat rock Residents because of the great need in the area.

Main Coordinator

Judith Watkins, Coordinator, has worked very hard over the years to see that the Helping Hands Ministry fulfills it’s purpose of serving those in need in the Flat Rock Area. She has used every resource available to see that no one goes hungry.    



If you are interested in volunteering and helping with Helping Hands, please contact the church office at 734-782-0563. Thanks!

More Information

What is Helping Hands

Because of the current economic situation in Michigan, Helping Hands’ client base has increased by 55 families in the last 3 months (and that is ONLY Flat Rock residents) – which in an increase of 2,200 lbs. of food per month, and it is expected to go up substantially.

Community Lutheran Church started the ministry of Helping Hands in 1991 when we “adopted” four families for Christmas.  Not long after, Pastor Dave gave us a large closet in the Education Wing to use for our storage.  By 2004, we had taken the entire Education Wing for our Helping Hands Ministry.  In 2010, we provided a wonderful and joyous Christmas for over 120 families, and we currently serve over 500 families totally in the area.

Since the closing of the Flat Rock Food Depot at St. Vincent DePaul in May, 1999, our Helping Hands Ministry is the only food depot for our area. We receive many food referrals from local service organizations, such as FIA, Wayne Metro, St. Vincent de Paul, Social Services and many other local churches.
Some of the services Helping Hands provides are as follows:
  1. Emergency food boxes including meat & bread are given out weekly for a 4 week basis, depending on the situation.


  1. Hygienic products (toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant, toilet paper, diapers, etc.)


  1. Clothing & shoes (including coats, boots, hats & mittens) for men, women & children.


  1. Furniture & household items when available.


  1. Assistance with utility shut-offs & eviction, combining efforts with other help organizations when possible.


  1. Shopping assistance to 100 children in August for school clothes.


  1. Holiday food baskets for Christmas (formerly Thanksgiving also).


  1. Christmas assistance for families; Santa’s Toy Shop, for parents, stockings, candy, gifts, food & parent gift bag.


  1. Referrals to other help agencies, i.e., Pregnancy Crisis Center, WIC.


  1. Baby items, i.e., strollers, high chairs, car seats, play pens & cribs.


  1. Sponsorship of the nursery at Downriver High School, so teenage girls with children can continue their education.


  1. Working women’s clothing for those re-entering the workforce.


  1. Spiritual support services, i.e., grief support, divorce recovery, counseling & financial advisors.

I, along with our team of volunteer servants, work every Wednesday from 9 a.m.- 1:30p.m. and we always welcome visitors to tour our site.   We sincerely appreciate any interest in helping those less fortunate, as it is only through the help of caring people and  other organizations that we can hope to meet the needs of the many families who find themselves in desperate situations.  May the Lord bless all those caring  people who contribute to this ministry as we all try to do His will and help one another.

Serving Christ with you,

Judith Watkins, Coordinator